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Ship orders:

Shipping costs in our shop, are always free.

Well being downloadable products, thus shipping costs are obviously always free, even when you decide to print on any format such as wood, pvc, photo-mural, cushions, cups, counters, flags, fabrics, etc. budget order that measures be delivered printed material itself, consisting of the chosen image.

Delivery time of printed material can range from 1-2 days to 10-15 days for impressions in special formats.


All stickers are delivered without any background and fully trimmed, above 60 cm measures are delivered in sections 60 cm wide for easy placement.

Returns Request:

When buying photographs, money is not returned under any circumstances.

Of course, in case of failure of the file, a file of the captured image, which is of the dimensions (pixels) and weight (MB) that the description, except misprint indicated shall be provided.

In case of impressions in physical formats, always to be tailor-made products and request money not be returned under any circumstances.

For any problems or questions about your order, operation of the website or image, you have to get in touch with us before taking any action, email and the case will be studied for any situation reach a beneficial solution for both parties.

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